Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Update

Well, it has been awhile! So here is a little update:

After filling up the greenhouse at the farm in Lincoln Park and getting the square foot gardens in place I decided to try again at the factory garden lot.

chard, napa cabbage, and kale in a section of my square foot gardens

I thought I would get crafty and buy some cement and get the fence up for real this time. This time there was no ground hog getting in. I put bricks all along the outside to keep the fence down (no going under fence) and I cemented the posts to the ground as deep as i could dig. The thing is I am no fence builder (any ideas or tips or help is GREATLY appreciated!!) The cement blocks were not in a perfect line (lesson learned) and the chicken wire sags a bit. Sagging chicken wire means groundhog climbing

Groundhog climbing means groundhog eating....




even my spilanthes (toothache herb, which makes a human's mouth go numb!!)

but i am still planting...and caging certain my sweet diane and honey rock melon. who knows?! maybe will have a new post or two put up and make the fence rodent proof?

jokes on me i am sure

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