Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"I spend all of my time shopping for food"

A brief commentary on this quote I hear way too often:

Yes, we spend our time going from one store to another to get the best deal and the right product. TJs has the best deals but they don't have organic. WF has organic but jeese they are expensive. HS is great with local foods, but they are often out of what I need. What is a lady to do? Shop around is what we tend to do...

But if you spend A LOT of your time driving from store to store to get food (which, in my humble opinion sucks for you and for your loved ones {who don't get to see you because you are driving around} and the planet {driving around...buying crap from all over...}, maybe you should consider a garden this year!

Makes sense right? Instead of miserably driving around with the rest of the rat racers...pull out a shovel and some seeds and plant your dinners for the summer. Now is the time. Get moving!

If you want to stop feeding the pockets of cooperate greed, this is the soul (intended) solution.

Blessings to your wet spring and fruitful summer!