Friday, April 9, 2010

Ode to a Blade of Grass in April
-Gunther Hauk

New and new, and ever new
On dry souls like freshening dew
You glisten and shine
With emerald green
Bold blade reaching for the blue
Drinking light and
Fettering fleeting sylphs
Into bondage of substance.

You, trodden 'neath harsh cleats on fields of play,
Unappreciated when growth is abundant
And mower-charges soar high,
When pollen fills field - and watery eyes;
You, who quicken the heart's beat
When dandelions wink with golden eyes
At resentful suburbanites.
Yes, you! Image of life
Resurrected from dead of winter,
You feed beasts with bloating udder
So fat milk flows,
Feeding us all.

You bowed your head
Under the graceful, etheric step
Of the Great Gardener.
You emerald banner of life,
Let me tread lovingly on you
Who vowed to green with us,
Year after year -
Till the end of days.

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