Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I have been up to

We were at Fosterfields Living Historic Park. It was a 1920-1930's harvest festival. I was there with Brant selling our locally grown and crafted foods. Ted Blew's Jersey fresh popcorn brought the people over to us, Beth's farmhouse jams brought the bees. Not sure what brought Bob to the table, but there he was talking my ear off for a good half hour or more about his land in Lincoln Park. I listened and probed and finally inquired. "I am looking for land to grown on, do you have any room for me?" "Is 5 1/4 fenced in acres enough room for you kid? If not, we have lumber and post hole diggers and many more acres for you to work on."

And there you have it. A dream becoming a reality. I was determined to grow on land in Morris county. 7 miles from my home just makes it that much more ideal. That I will be working with a 79 year old, free spirited, wise, down to earth, loving man makes the icing on the cake and brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.

Black soil that is pretty much clay is the base here. This land has been worked organically for decades. The energy is sweet as are the people who stop by to say hello when I am out in the field working at untangling the mass of artemesia roots that have taken hold over the past year or more. These beds have been fallow and the land is singing with life! I am hard at work on beautiful days like today and give such gratitude for the opportunities!


notplainjane29 said...

Hi Tammy!
It sounds wonderful. What do you plan to grow? I miss seeing you at the Morristown farmers market!
Jane (Martine's cousin)

Tammy Toad Ryan said...

Hey Jane! How are ya? I think what will grow will be an unfolding...depends on what the land is good at and i need more timet with her and bob to discover that. definitely flowers and medicinal herbs as well as plants to ferment and things like napa cabbage that are hard to find in the market. probably an acre or two of buckwheat for the bees and sunflowers for the birds...we'll see what i can handle :D

what are you up to?

eco said...

That's great news! I've been meaning to check out Fosterfield's too - I've driven past it a few times and talking about going.

Fabulous said...

Toad! This is AWESOME news. I just got caught up. Can I come help you for a day? You know, get my fingernails dirty n'stuff... Let's make a plan....