Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The unexpected always arrives.

"HEY! I didn't expect you!"

We have been doing things a certain way for so long that we have just come to assume that this is the only way to accomplish anything.

No other way
No other choice.

Possibly building on false

false presumptions sometimes crumble away slowly and
sometimes collapse quickly

Let's take grade school presumption #1 for example

One plus one
One plus one is based on the premise that everything is separate and will stay that way. But take a drop of water for instance (of which the earth is 70%).
One drop of water plus one drop of water equals?....

...yes, that's right! ONE drop of water!
One drop of water turns into an ocean.

We presume we know things
We want to feel (or be) in control

I went into an active beehive 25 feet off the ground in a centurion kentucky coffee tree the other day. I pulled out a ladder, secured it in place and climbed up to take a peek. Hundreds of honeybees flying in and out looking for food. The lovely ladies were coming in with bright and pale yellow pollen loaded in their pollen baskets to feed the babies. The hole, their entrance was big though. I could fit both my hands in there. Would they survive the cold of winter. My mind says no way, they are too exposed. They have a really sweet little home. Winter is the time of dying. I hope they prove me wrong and make it through. I hope they can figure it out. A way to keep warm and survive.

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Fabulous said...

i learn a lot from you. thank you for sharing your way.